Barbie Dream House - Dream Dollhouse or Junk?

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Barbie Dream House - Dream Dollhouse or Junk?

I don't think I can think of a single little girl who wouldn't go bat-poop CRAZY for a Barbie Dream House, can you? But are they worth the money? Is the Barbie Dream House truly a dream... or is it just another piece of plastic junk that will break and be thrown out with all the other cheap toys?

This is the ONLY thing my 9 yr old daughter wanted for Christmas. I purchased the week before and hid it in the garage. If I had know then what I know now; I would have opened and started assembling my purchase it immediately.

1. There are literally dozens of VERY CHEAP plastic pieces.
2. I am not dumb and have even assembled more than a few pieces from IKEA, but these instructions are useless. They are mostly pictures and any writing is in a 2 pt font. Thank GOODNESS I found an online video by doing a search for Barbie Dream House instructions video (seems I wasn't the only helpless schmoo crying after opening the box) then even after watching the video THREE times - I had to watch a video on the ELEVATOR troubleshooting tips a couple of times. (assembly instruction video is below)

Other than the 3 million pieces and 1 million stickers, my daughter almost fainted when she found that Santa had left her "ultimate" toy and I have hopes of having the assembly completed by Easter! My daughter even commented that Santa was wrong for not putting my toy together for me.

So here's the bottom line about the Barbie Dream House -

YES, it's a great dollhouse.

YES! Your little girl will simply ADORE it AND YOU for getting it.

Yes, you're gonna need to set aside some time to put it together.

The video showing how to put the Barbie Dream House together below is only 9 minutes. I highly recommend watching the video a time or two BEFORE even starting to put it together on your own. Having it in your mind how it all comes together will make it MUCH easier for you.

If you want a more high-quality dollhouse that is not cheap plastic and DOES fit Barbie-sized dolls (and are pretty freaking amazing dollhouses, too) - don't mess around with Barbie stuff - get a KidKraft dollhouse.

Barbie Dream House
Barbie Dream House - Dream Dollhouse or Junk?

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